Namespace API

synthd’s data model works with three concepts.

  1. Documents: a document is simply a JSON object, i.e. a key-value store with string keys.

  2. Collections: a collection is an array of documents.

  3. Namespaces: a namespace is a key-value store of collections, with string keys.

The Namespace API is the subset of API functionalities of the synthd API that allows for listing namespaces, accessing their inner data models’ schemas and rollback operations.


Base class for the Namespace API.

NamespaceClient.delete_collection(*args, …)

Delete a collection.

NamespaceClient.delete_namespace(*args, **kwargs)

Delete a namespace.


List all namespaces.

NamespaceClient.get_schema(*args, **kwargs)

Retrieve the schema of a single collection or all collections in a namespace.

NamespaceClient.rollback_namespace(*args, …)

Rollback to a specified namespace generation.