Override API

Synth builds statistical models of data automagically from scanning real data. That great strength is sometimes also a weakness and it is important to be able to manually specify additional constraints and custom high-level logic on top of the statistically-inferred information.

The Override API is the subset of API functionalities of synthd that allows for overriding statistically-inferred data models. Effectively, it lets you specify the bounding box in which the core ML-driven data model can freely train. This includes specifying one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one relations between collections; date time formats; custom string generators; etc.

For more on how synthd handles overrides, see Overrides.


Base class for the Namespace API.

OverrideClient.put_override(*args, **kwargs)

Override a schema node.

OverrideClient.delete_override(*args, **kwargs)

Delete a schema node.

OverrideClient.set_optional(*args, **kwargs)

Make a field node optional or required.

OverrideClient.optionalise(*args, **kwargs)

Make a field node optional (not required)

OverrideClient.unoptionalise(*args, **kwargs)

Make a field node required (not optional)